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Month: July, 2003

Who needs sleep?

23 July, 2003 (18:35) | Computers, Star Wars Galaxies | By: Jake

Still spending lots of time playing Star Wars Galaxies. I’ve found this game to be a lot of fun, both in the interaction between other players and doing things by yourself. Although it is the former that is more fun. I’ve found that there are some people who are very generous and others who are […]

New contacts

17 July, 2003 (11:19) | Misc. | By: Jake

Yesterday I went and picked up some contacts. It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever worn them. It still seems strange intentionally putting something into my eye. I mean, I’ve spent my whole life to this point trying to keep things out of my eyes. For example, when I’m in the shower, I […]

SWG – Loads of Fun, Loads of Time

13 July, 2003 (23:05) | Computers, Star Wars Galaxies | By: Jake

As I play Star Wars Galaxies more, I begin to realize that this is definitely a game that can consume a lot of your time. And for some strange reason, I chose to start developing two characters at once, each in two professions!! I have one character that is a Medic/Marksmen and another that is […]

The beast lives

10 July, 2003 (10:22) | Computers, Star Wars Galaxies | By: Jake

Yippee!! My “new” machine is alive. I got it running last night and got Windows installed (it has WinXP because I want to use it for gaming). I say “new” because it has a lot of old parts in it as well. The only things I purchased are: a Motherboard, a Processor, a stick of […]

Scratching my own itch

9 July, 2003 (23:18) | Computers, MovableType | By: Jake

Open source software is unique in that if there’s a feature you want added to an application you have everything you need (except maybe the skill) to add it yourself. That probably isn’t news to anybody reading this entry. Of course, “unique” may not be the right word… there are applications that aren’t really open […]

New parts purchased/assembled

8 July, 2003 (21:57) | Computers | By: Jake

Being the impatient person that I am, I went ahead and purchased some pieces to upgrade my old 400MHz computer into something that I can use to play Star Wars Galaxies. I bought an AMD 2500+ processor and an Abit NF7 motherboard from a local computer shop (Mouse House). I then went to Best Buy […]

Star Wars Galaxies

7 July, 2003 (21:16) | Computers, Star Wars Galaxies | By: Jake

After reading the review on slashdot, I decided to go out and buy Star Wars Galaxies. Unfortunately for me, the video card in my laptop (an HP Pavilion ze1250) doesn’t seem to be up to the task of launching this game. It was, of course, able to get through the part where I signed up […]

Neat* blog tools

5 July, 2003 (00:24) | Computers | By: Jake

I’ve come across some blog tools that I thought were kinda neat recently and figured I’d tell about them here in case anybody else agrees with me. Interestingly enough, they all seem to index my blog. I think I submitted it to BlogDigger once and MovableType pings weblogs.com, but I don’t recall submitting it to […]

Developers Profiles Page online

4 July, 2003 (19:37) | Bugzilla, Computers | By: Jake

Just got the OK from Dave to check-in the developers profiles page (one of my stated goals for this week off work). Once all the CVS stuff cycles, which might happen before I get this entry done, the page should be available on bugzilla.org‘s web page. Looking at my other stated goals for this week, […]

Is an increase in SPAM/Junk Mail in my future?

3 July, 2003 (13:12) | Misc. | By: Jake

Today must be annoyance day. I saw an article on slashdot about the direct marketing companies (read, telemarketers) planning to increase the amount of SPAM and Junk Snail Mail they send once the national do not call list goes active. In preparation for this onslaught, I updated my Mozilla install to version 1.4 using the […]