Got a Palm Pre

Thanks to my employer, I now have a Palm Pre. I’ve been eyeing one pretty much since Palm announced it. For a while I was debating between the BlackBerry Tour, the soon to be released HTC Hero and the Palm Pre. I had pretty much decided on the Pre, but thought I had a little more time before I could get it. Turns out I was able to get it sooner.

Similar to when I got the Blackberry, I’ll do a pros and cons post soon. Also similar to when I got the BlackBerry, this post was made from my phone.

I’m now a BlackBerry user

Almost two weeks ago now, my boss approved me getting a new phone. I had been using a Windows Mobile phone, but my boss has always thought I should be using a BlackBerry… So when it came time to get a new phone, guess what I got :). I’ll probably post some of my thoughts on the pros and cons of the transition soon. By the way, this posting was actually made from my new phone!

UPDATE (29-Aug-2008): It’s a long post, over 2,000 words, but I finally got around to it