I’m now a BlackBerry user

Almost two weeks ago now, my boss approved me getting a new phone. I had been using a Windows Mobile phone, but my boss has always thought I should be using a BlackBerry… So when it came time to get a new phone, guess what I got :). I’ll probably post some of my thoughts on the pros and cons of the transition soon. By the way, this posting was actually made from my new phone!

UPDATE (29-Aug-2008): It’s a long post, over 2,000 words, but I finally got around to it

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  1. Which BB did you get? I have the Curve and have been pretty happy with it, though I do get some hourglass issues where it locks up and I have to remove the battery to reset.

    With the recent announcement of the 3G iPhone, I’m jumping ship for the faster network, better GPS, and more fun iPhone.

  2. Ooh good for you mate, congrats. Did you buy black berry pearl?….. Even am buying a new phone mostly i ll go for an iphone 2.0 – second generation phone which i heard costs way less than the original one.

  3. I was thinking about getting a new phone and have looked at the blackberries but wasn’t sure they were the way to go. Sounds like I might just be getting a ‘Blackberry’ after all. Thanks for the information.


  4. I’ve been putting off getting a blackberry, but am thinking that the next time I have to renew the subscription on my service I might get one. How do you like it so far?

  5. I have been considering purchasing a BlackBerry, but with my short, fat, stubby fingers I am worried that it would be difficult to do anything other than inputting a few digits here and there, hope it works out for you. Enjoy your posts tremendeously,
    Raymond Whiteside

  6. I’ve been thinking about getting a BB myself. Not real sure about the new iPhones. Seems like when they come out with something new like that, there’s too many bugs for me in the first go around. I’ll wait a little longer to see where the iPhones go in the next 6 months or so, then I’ll make my decision between the BB and the iPhone. Thanks for letting us in on it.

    Hattie Ann

  7. Hopefully this will allow you to blog more since I do enjoy your site and look forward to hearing you spread more of you ideas and insites. Love the pictures of Haylee by the way. She’s a doll!!!!

    Kendall Sue

  8. Haylee is beautiful! I have a 2 year old and trust me it just keeps getting better and better. I currently use a WM phone….but really want to try out a Blackberry – my wife has a pearl and loves it – so we’ll see.

  9. I’m really tempted to get an iPhone right now mainly for the Internet access and the various apps you can get – I don’t do a huge amount of typing on my current mobile, but equally I’m not sure about the touch screen typing and the limitations the iPhone has.

    Whereas I’ve never had a Blackberry neither, my smartphones of choice have been HTCs for the past 4 years, although Windows Mobile always feels quite sluggish in use – perhaps I should look at how a Blackberry is to use.

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