Bugzilla Install for Upcoming Events

I tried living with the trac bug system and it’s just way too limiting. Maybe if you’re the admin it’s configurable enough to live with, but as a normal user I found queries and what-not to be not very robust.

So I made a bugzilla install for my projects. Please file bugs here rather than in trac.

Road to Bugzilla 2.18 is now paved.

2 1/2 years after Bugzilla 2.16 was released, we’re very pleased to announce the release of Bugzilla 2.18. I told you we were a week ago, and now we’re there. Hop on over to bugzilla.org and check out the new version. While your there, you may also wish to read the latest status update. Of note is the fact that the 2.20 feature freeze has been lifted and that freeze will now occur in March.

Road to Bugzilla 2.18… Part III

A little more than a week has passed since I last updated my “Road to Bugzilla 2.18” numbers. Once again, Blue numbers will represent the net change since last time.

Reviewing my “Other” bugs from last time, we see that bug 150149 (the release notes) has now moved from the “Other” category to the “Review Requested” one. Bug 276600 and bug 274640 are now both FIXED.

New into the “Other” category, we have bug 276237, which deals with a charting issue (a mysterious problem that may be specific to bmo), and bug 159790, which is simply the release tracking bug (which should have been a blocker all along).

So, what does all this mean? I’d say it means we’re really close now. In fact, it looks like 2.18 may actually be out before I leave Iraq ;).

Updated Road to Bugzilla 2.18

Being that it’s now the begining of the new year, here’s an update to the numbers I posted previously: (Net change is in [Blue])

Of the two “other” bugs, bug 275408 has been marked as a duplicate of bug 245158 (which is fixed) and bug 150149 is the release notes.

A couple other bugs no longer fit into the above queries. One of those, bug 276600, is waiting on an updated patch while the other, bug 274640, is waiting on its first patch.

Overall, progress is being made. It may not be as fast as we’d all like, but it is still getting closer.

The Road to Bugzilla 2.18

We’ve been promising version 2.18 of Bugzilla for ever, it seems. I’ve only been back for a short time, but I can find emails and bug comments dating back quite a while that suggest 2.18 would be out any day. I, for one, think that it’s about time we actually made that final push. As has been suggested before, review seems to be the major hold up. Because I’ve been out for so long, I don’t feel comfortable giving review on complicated patches, but I can give review (and I’ve done it) on simple, focused patches. What’s really needed is people who are very familiar with the current Bugzilla code-base to push those final few patches to their conclusion. To help people out (to include myself), here’s some queries that give information about 2.18 blockers (number in brackets are counts as of this writing):

The 1 bug that appears to be ready for checkin was just checked into the tip, but the patch doesn’t apply to the 2.18 branch. There’s also two bugs on the blocker list that don’t fit any of the other queries. Bug 275408 is in need of a patch and bug 150149 is for the release notes. I couldn’t find a query I was happy with for these.

Jake is back on Documentation?

First of all, let me just say that I’m not officially back. Yes, I made my first checkin to the docs in more than a year. Yes, I’m gonna try my best to get back up to speed. Unfortunately, I’ve got a few roadblocks in that department.

  1. I actually have a fair amount of time daily when I can use my laptop. Most of this time is spent far away from an Internet connection.
  2. I don’t have enough hard disk space on my laptop to do a linux install so I can’t really get back up to speed as easily as I like (as an aside, perhaps I should try a windows install so I can update that section).
  3. I’m still in the Army and still in Iraq, so everything is subject to change seemingly without notice.

My initial plan is to try and get existing patches reviewed and checked in (which is what the checkin I just did was (bug 264226 on the 2.16 branch)). I also am looking over the changes that have been made in the past year and will probably undo parts of some of them. While some of the changes were quite welcome and needed, there are some things that I liked the way they were (as an aside, I have to wonder if Barnboy felt the same way about some of my changes).

So, that’s where I’m at. One step at a time.

PS. Another thing that may cut into my time is the fact that my Halo 2 disk just came in the mail today :).

School’s starting soon….

Has anybody else noticed a decrease in my posting frequency since I bought Star Wars Galaxies has decreased significantly? If you haven’t, I certainly have. My other online activities have also fallen by the wayside (such as Bugzilla‘s documentation. Heck, bugzilla.mozilla.org transferred to their new server and I didn’t even know it until I was actually going through my bugmail and clicked on one of the links to get more information. So let that be a lesson to you: don’t buy Star Wars Galaxies… it’s full of bugs and extremely addicting (does that even seem like a possible combination?). Maybe now that schools starting I’ll play games less and accomplish more. Maybe.

Developers Profiles Page online

Just got the OK from Dave to check-in the developers profiles page (one of my stated goals for this week off work). Once all the CVS stuff cycles, which might happen before I get this entry done, the page should be available on bugzilla.org‘s web page. Looking at my other stated goals for this week, I don’t think I made it. I did get some doc updates checked in (though I haven’t compiled yet), but I didn’t get any other bugs even worked on nor did I get all the cleaning I wanted to get done even close to completed. Tomorrow isn’t really going to get anything accomplished either, as I plan to go see the Air Fair.

Bugzilla Documentation updates

I think I got the sections of the docs that were outdated updated (mainly the LDAP Auth and charset sections). I haven’t recompiled the docs yet so what you see on the website is still the old information. I’ll probably do that (recompile) toward the end of the week in case I find time to do some more updates (and there are plenty to go around).

Higher priority right now is to get some cleaning and laundry done. Both my bedroom and computer room are disaster areas right now… my bedroom because of my two recent “vacations” has all kinds of cloths laying around. My computer room is mainly messy because of the slight rearranging I did yesterday. I moved my computer so it’s power supply exhaust fan is more or less pointing out the window. Hopefully that will help with the heat problem back here (there’s too much of it).

Shifting gears a little, have you noticed any improvements in spelling for this blog? I installed MTSpeling on Monday so now when I click the “Preview” button I get red letters for words that ispell doesn’t think are words. I actually had quite of few of them in this post; mostly typos, though.

I’m baaack (again)

Once again I have returned to my home, this time after a trip to South Carolina. I got a lot of bugmail while I was gone; it appears that Generic Charting went in. I ‘spose that’s another thing I’ve gotta get added to the docs sometime before 2.18 comes out :).