Bugzilla Documentation updates

I think I got the sections of the docs that were outdated updated (mainly the LDAP Auth and charset sections). I haven’t recompiled the docs yet so what you see on the website is still the old information. I’ll probably do that (recompile) toward the end of the week in case I find time to do some more updates (and there are plenty to go around).

Higher priority right now is to get some cleaning and laundry done. Both my bedroom and computer room are disaster areas right now… my bedroom because of my two recent “vacations” has all kinds of cloths laying around. My computer room is mainly messy because of the slight rearranging I did yesterday. I moved my computer so it’s power supply exhaust fan is more or less pointing out the window. Hopefully that will help with the heat problem back here (there’s too much of it).

Shifting gears a little, have you noticed any improvements in spelling for this blog? I installed MTSpeling on Monday so now when I click the “Preview” button I get red letters for words that ispell doesn’t think are words. I actually had quite of few of them in this post; mostly typos, though.

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  1. I just /knew/ as soon as I posted that I’d installed a spell checker I’d have missed something and somebody would come by to inform me :). Ah well, at least I didn’t misspell my name… (did I?).

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