From BlackBerry Pearl 8130 to Palm Pre

As previously mentioned, I recently switched from a BlackBerry Pearl to a Palm Pre. I’ve been using the Pre for a little more than a month now and figured I put my thoughts about the switch up. I’ll follow roughly the same format I did when I switched to the BlackBerry. Unlike last time I did this, I’ll provide an outline here near the top with links down into the specific sections.

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New Feed for Lion’s games

It seems that the feed at hasn’t been updated yet for this years schedule and one game has already been played (and won by Detroit, I might add!). So I went looking for a new feed provider… and found Yahoo. My Upcoming Events plugin seemed perfectly capable of handling the Yahoo feed. So now, simply by putting in the Path field and clicking the “Update Now” button in the Upcoming Events options, I was able to get the upcoming Lion’s games back into my calendar.