The Road to Bugzilla 2.18

We’ve been promising version 2.18 of Bugzilla for ever, it seems. I’ve only been back for a short time, but I can find emails and bug comments dating back quite a while that suggest 2.18 would be out any day. I, for one, think that it’s about time we actually made that final push. As has been suggested before, review seems to be the major hold up. Because I’ve been out for so long, I don’t feel comfortable giving review on complicated patches, but I can give review (and I’ve done it) on simple, focused patches. What’s really needed is people who are very familiar with the current Bugzilla code-base to push those final few patches to their conclusion. To help people out (to include myself), here’s some queries that give information about 2.18 blockers (number in brackets are counts as of this writing):

The 1 bug that appears to be ready for checkin was just checked into the tip, but the patch doesn’t apply to the 2.18 branch. There’s also two bugs on the blocker list that don’t fit any of the other queries. Bug 275408 is in need of a patch and bug 150149 is for the release notes. I couldn’t find a query I was happy with for these.

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