Moving day… yesterday

Yesterday was quite a hectic day for me. I had to move all my stuff from the room I’ve lived in for the past 9+ months to one down stairs and one tier over. This actually involved getting rid of a bunch of stuff that I’ve collected. Some of it I mailed home (been working on that over the past month anyway), some I gave away, and some I just threw out. My old room is now completely empty (OK, minus a couple items I still have to sell and a person who I don’t think I can sell). So now I’m living with two people I never really talked to before this move (one of which I never even met, the other I’ve seen maybe a dozen times). We’re all on different sleep schedules. As I type this post, one of my roommates is sleeping. When he’s ready to get up, I’ll be sleeping. When it’s time for me to get up, my other roommate will be in here sleeping. There are a few hours in the morning that don’t have a sleeper in here, but those are while I’m at work. Oh well, guess I’ll either be really quiet for the next month (or so) or I’ll never be in my room.

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  1. Where are you stationed. how long have you been in the service? do you like your new roommates? what do you like and dislike about your new room?

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