Neat* blog tools

I’ve come across some blog tools that I thought were kinda neat recently and figured I’d tell about them here in case anybody else agrees with me. Interestingly enough, they all seem to index my blog. I think I submitted it to BlogDigger once and MovableType pings, but I don’t recall submitting it to any of the others.

  • – Just a list of recently updated blogs; MovableType can be configured to automatically ping it.
  • BlogDigger – A search engine for blog entries. There’s a link on the front page to add your blog to the index.
  • Feedster – Another search engine for blog entries. This one is highly recommended by Asa.
  • Technorati – This service appears to have a few features but the one that came to my attention was the ability to enter a URL and see who’s linked to it. I actually found this one by looking at my referrer logs.
  • Mozilla Related Blogs – Even though I have a link to this one already I may as well mention it. It’s a really cool listing of people’s blogs who are related to the Mozilla project (because of my Bugzilla work, mine is there) and even includes information on when said blog was last updated (it’s really handy :).

What’s mentioned here probably doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s available out there, but I thought they were kinda neat.

* I don’t know why I used the word “neat” (and so many times).

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