SWG – Loads of Fun, Loads of Time

As I play Star Wars Galaxies more, I begin to realize that this is definitely a game that can consume a lot of your time. And for some strange reason, I chose to start developing two characters at once, each in two professions!! I have one character that is a Medic/Marksmen and another that is an Artisan/Entertainer. They are both still in training in their respective skills, but I’ve managed to get some 2nd level of experience for each of them. They’ve got most of the first level stuff that I want for now (the one exception is my Medic still needs Chem I). What that really means is that it’ll take longer to advance again because 2nd, 3rd, and especially 4th level skills require a lot of XP and those take time to earn. Financially speaking, both characters are doing OK though neither one is getting rich quick. I still do a lot of delivery missions, especially if I want to go to another town. I generally try to find a delivery mission that’s going to end up where I want to… I figure if I’m going there, I may as well get paid to do it! One thing I have noticed playing the two different characters is that people tend to tip the medics better than the entertainers. I don’t know that I’ve gotten a tip as the entertainer yet, but I’ve gotten a few 500 credit tips as a medic. I’d say roughly 70% of the people I’ve healed wounds for (not just used a stimpack on) have tipped me. That is appreciated because the only two ways for me to heal wounds right now is to buy medicine on the Bazaar or take the hit on mental powers and battle fatigue. I think that will change as soon as I get Chem I. I will also say that it’s more expensive to be a medic than a musician. I’ve probably spent well over five thousand credits on medical supplies, but I’ve only spent 150 on an instrument (I did also trade some resources I had gathered) and that was only because I was too impatient to wait for Musicianship II where I would be able to make my own! So maybe it’s fitting that the medics get tipped better than the entertainers.

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  1. I have one character (Aliena, the artisan) on Valcyn and one (Accacattiurra, the medic) on Kettemoor. Aliena mostly hangs out in Theed, Naboo and Accacattiurra is mostly in Kor Vella, Corilia.

  2. Some of use do things with our time other than play games. And some of use don’t feel the need to powergame and would rather enjoy the game itself and set smaller goals.

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