The beast lives

Yippee!! My “new” machine is alive. I got it running last night and got Windows installed (it has WinXP because I want to use it for gaming). I say “new” because it has a lot of old parts in it as well. The only things I purchased are: a Motherboard, a Processor, a stick of RAM, a cheap hard drive, and a Video Card. My grand total for this equipment: ~$470 after taxes and rebates. I don’t think that’s terribly bad for a new machine. I even got Star Was Galaxies installed and running. I created a Wookie medic. My wookie is a female who’s name escapes me at the moment. Unfortunately, I can’t play the game right now because all the servers are down for scheduled maintenance. It seems like they could bring them down one or two at a time instead of all at once for 3 hours. But I suppose that’s a separate rant.

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  1. Hi Jake, I had Mouse House update my computer for me a while ago.
    I had the 2000Mhz Amd processor and a K7SEM motherboard put in.
    I also had them put it all in a new case because I use 3 hard drives.
    One for windows, one dual boots windows and Red Hat, the other has SuSe Linux on it.
    This way I can’t mess up the stuff my wife has on the
    hard drive with windows on it. 🙂

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