I had previously posted that my wife and I were looking for a Nintendo Wii (actually, it’s supposed to simply be branded “Wii” w/out the “Ninentdo” in front). We ended up getting one last week (3-Jan), but I never did get around to posting that update. Laura had been calling around to pretty much every store in town and finally found that Meijer had gotten a few that morning. So she dropped pretty much everything, grabbed Haylee, and ran to Meijer. She managed to get there in time. While she was there, she saw three other people purchasing Wii’s and was told there were only 6 when she called. So she probably didn’t make it by much!

But the short version is we have a Wii and are enjoying playing it. We have the Sports game that comes with it (a really great demonstration of the motion sensitive controllers), Cars, GT Pro Series, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. So far I think we’ve spent most of our time playing the Wii Sports game. From a driving standpoint, I think GT is much more fun that Cars, but I haven’t done the Cars story line to know if that’s any good. I’ve spent very little time in Zelda, but it seems like it’s probably a very deep game.

We also went out last night and rented Excite Truck and Ice Age 2. I kinda like Excite truck, it’s a lot of fun.

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  1. I just got a Wii yesterday and I have not been able to put down the cool new remote for it yet. I got the sports bundle Wii package because it was the last one they had in stock but I have to say I am impressed with the Golf game and Tennis game alot.

  2. I love my new Nintendo Wii to have had alot of fun surfing the net with via the Opera browser, my favorite game thus far is the new Legend Of Zelda. Anyone know of any codes or cheats for any Wii games yet?

  3. I kinda fell off the whole Nintendo bandwagon the past few years, but the Wii is like a little kid tugging on my pants… constantly reminding me it’s out there with all the press it has been getting. I have a feeling as soon as Mario Galaxy comes out, I’ll hop on board again… the youtube videos are very tempting.

  4. Ninteno Wii has most defiently changed the gaming world with now being able to get active while you play video games. This should hopefully help those children to stay active and not just play video games all day and pack on the pounds.

  5. I wish Nintendo would upgrade the console on the Wii. It’s kinda cheap looking and the sound quality is not very good. I’m waiting on the next generation. Wii sports is the best. It’s fun and you really do get a workout.

  6. The Wii has a LOT of players on it. I like it most because of its controller–it’s expandable and can easily make it into a gun.

    The PS3 is 3x as expensive , but hte graphics are amazingggg

    BTW, nintendo is definitely making a new system (earlier than the ps4)

  7. It’s amaising how the wii has caught on. I thought it would be a gimmic, all be it a great gimmic, but I figured it would have died off a long time ago. Nintendo has made a great comeback with the wii, espically compared to their disaster that was the gamecube.

  8. I’m also really surprised how it’s caught on – I originally thought the gimmick wouldn’t fair so well against the PS3 and Xbox 360.

    How’s the Wii working out for you now after over a year of having it?

    Do you still play often? I hear from people that it’s a great social gaming console – but not so good for single player or online gaming?

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