We have no Wii

My wife and I just decided that we would like to get a Nintendo Wii. We’ve been kicking the idea around for a few weeks now about maybe doing that as part of a joint gift to each other. We decided against that in the end, but just this morning we tallied up birthday money, Christmas money, gift cards and the like and discovered we have enough money! Unfortunately for us, everybody around town is sold out. We’ve tried neighbouring towns and online stores, but to no avail. Not that anybody out there really cares :).

What I wonder is why this problem seems to happen in the first place. It seems like had Nintendo released a couple months sooner they could have had enough systems produced by Christmas time to meet demand. It also seems that if they had enough systems produced so that everybody who wanted one could get one they’d have made more profit, too. And isn’t that the point of making it in the first place? Granted, I don’t have a degree in economics or anything, it’s just my opinion…

Update 9-Jan-2007: We now have a Wii.

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  1. It’s a marketing thing – engineered scarcity. News spreads that you can’t buy one (your post is living proof), and so Joe Public thinks “this thing must be HOT as you can;t get one for love nor money!”, which in turn makes you want one more, and then you too have trouble getting one, and you tell your friends. Viral scarcity if you like!
    Microsoft did the same thing with the xbox 360.

  2. I totally agree with “AndyTheDayTrader”. It is a great marketing trick. But now you got a Wii and I hope you enjoy it. Also my kids want to have one and I think about to buy a Wii. I am sure it is a funny thing and also family friendly. Greetings from Germany.

  3. Personally, I think it is pissing Nintendo off to see them all market up sky high. If the shortage was engineered, then why wouldn’t nintendo just charge more for the consoles, say $379 and keep the profits for themselves (instead of ebay scalpers). So Nintendo’s quick solution, force the big box retailers to “bundle” all their other products. $250 for the console, $400 worth of extras is your only choice online…unless you want to grimus in pain clicking ebay.

  4. The situation has even become worse. Although Nintendo increased the production of the Wii they can’t satisfy the demand. Nintendo sells every single Wii they bring to the market.
    So the prices are rising and the stores are sold out.

  5. The best way for the average person to get a Wii is to do the legwork. Call the stores, get the flyers, preferably from a paper that puts them in on Saturday as all stores advertised sales offering start on Sunday. And then just; yes I know you don’t want to hear it, get to the stores before they open or in the case of Walmarts that stay open 24 hrs, be there before midnight.
    These are the tactics of ebay scalpers so why not out manuever them. and if you don’t feel you should have to do this then stop whining and pay the scalpers for the time and effort that they put in. or wait until july 2008.

  6. It was funny that last summer I went on vacation with some other people and I had heard of the Wii but never played with one. Boy what a blast. How come they never had invented such great games when I was young. I might have never grown up. My wife says I never did.

  7. This seems to happen with every new lauch of any gaming system. They make enough to spread around the world just to ensure the main stock goes to those gagging for the new system, and then it is a few months before the new stock arrives, by that time the initial buyers have spread the word about how good it is, and got even more folk gagging for it. Great business practise for profit, but annoying for the consumer.

    I live in the UK, and went to the Arizona, USA in January for 2 weeks. With the two kids birthdays coming up I told them they could have the NDS Lite, and my idea was to buy it in the US and save about $100 on UK prices. Never happened. Not a single NDS was available anywhere in Arizona, and after checking, none in the US unless you counted the Asian imports.

    So in the end I returned with no birthday presents, and a promise to the kids I was not about to break. On top of that, none were available in Europe!!!

    In the end I bought one off Ebay to check the seller out, and then ordered the 2nd off Ebay once that had turned up.

    It appears Asia had stocks coming out of their ears, while the rest of the world had none. And when the new stocks arrive in the US & Europe, I guess they’ll all sell out pretty quickly, and then those that didn’t get one have to wait again!! Once demand eventually falls, they then reduce the price, as they have done with the Xbox 360.

  8. I was very lucky to get mine at Christmas time (2007) everywhere had sold out but managed to be in the right place at the right time when an order came in ๐Ÿ™‚

    I saw that Nintendo even pulled advertising because they knew that people would not be able to get one, therefore no point in spending their advertising revenue. Shame they couldn’t forsee the rush at Christmas time!

  9. They slowed production exports to the US thats probably why most of us will never see one. Maybe its not fair ours are shipped to them on a regular basis. In Fact I just saw the Head of nintendo with his new shelby Mustang with all new mustang parts

  10. The Wii and the DS are still cheapest game devices when it comes to the other big 2 ,360 and PS3.

    Nintendo has no reason to lower the price until the 360 and PS3 do their price cuts.

  11. I have been trying to get my hands on one for my son for months. Unfortunately, they still cannot be found anywhere.

    It’s just a simple supply/demand scenario created by Nintendo that will allow them to maintain their higher pricing for some time to come…

  12. I’ve written a couple of posts on my blog about the cheapness of these consoles, particularly the Wii – when you can find one! I’ve only just started seeing them in stock in shops.

    I am very tempted to get one now though, I’m not a hard-core gamer, so some of the Wii’s innovative features do appeal to me!

  13. @videos

    Are you joking? Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Kart, Zelda, Pro Evolution Soccer, NFL, Super Smash Bros… do I need to go on? I hate it when people say – the Wii sucks – when they have never even played it!

  14. I feel you man, I tried to get one a couple weeks back and it was absolutely impossible. It really plays to Ninentdos advantage to keep them out of stock, the less people have them the more demand there, and therefore hype there is for the wii which leads to greater sales in the long run. Oh well…

  15. Yeah, it took me ages to find a Wii as well. I’m really happy with it though – we’ve got Wii Sports, Wii Play, Super Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil 4, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and Guitar Hero. Something for all the family there!

  16. I bought a Wii some weeks ago and I really enjoy it. It’s a totally unique experience.
    Well, I have to recognize I had already played with my friends’… but it’s different when you have your own Wii, isn’t it? A totally new experience!

    In one sentence: I’m as excited as I think you were.

    Back to topic… I think they could not expect such an excitement on Wii’s launch. They could have sold thousands more if these problems wouldn’t have arise… at least that’s what I think.

  17. It is a thing of sale – machine shortage. Diffusions of news which you cannot buy one (your post is alive proof), and thus public of Joe thinks that this thing must be HOT as you can; T obtain for the love nor the money! , which alternatively encourages you to want one more, and then you have also the trouble to obtain to one, and you known as your friends. Viral shortage if you like!

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