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For the past couple of weeks now I’ve been looking off and on about how to make my own ringtones for my Sprint PCS phone. I’ve managed to find some resources that said my Sanyo PM-8200 phone will support polyphonic ringtones. These are essentially just MIDI files and thus can’t do anything more than notation. Nice, but they can hardly compare with the ringtones that are available for $2.50 apiece from Sprint’s site that expire in 90 days. I wanted something of that quality, but without the price or the expiration. So I kept looking. What I discovered was that those fancy rigntones were in a QCP file format. I also discovered a simple command line application, PureVoice that can convert a WAV file into QCP format. Now the only thing I had left to discover was how to get that QCP file to my phone. In looking for that, I discovered a Free Mobile Phone Uploader site that will either send a text message with a link to download your file or give you a Jump Code to allow you to download it.

So now I can have any sound I want in the entire world as a ringtone. Using a little creativity, that can include clips from songs that I downloaded from iTunes for $.99. The basic steps to do that are:

  1. Purchase the song from iTunes.
  2. Convert that file to MP3 format. You can either burn it to a CD then rip it, or use JHymn.
  3. Convert the file to WAV, shorten it to 30 seconds or less. I used Audacity for that task.
  4. Reduce the sound quality to be PCM, mono, 8 kHz, 16-bit. I was unable to figure out how to do that in Audacity, so I simply used the sound recorder app that comes with Windows.
  5. Use PureVoice Converter to convert the WAV file to a QCP file (drag the WAV file onto pvconv.exe).
  6. Upload the QCP file to the Mobile Phone Uploader.
  7. Download it from that site to your phone and assign it like you would any other ringtone.

Update 25-May-2005: Newer phones (like the Sanyo’s that start with “MM”) can use a different, and better sounding, format.
Update 8-Feb-2006: Thanks to Tony, we now know how to make ringtones for free! (Hint: Use as step 1).

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been searching on how to create my own ringtones for my PM-8200 also. THANK YOU… the $2.50 is absurd. Thank you so freekin much, you don’t even know much this rocks… lol

  2. Is there another program out there for mac to convert files to qcp? I have system 10 but the purevoice program is only for system 9 so I am not able to upload ringers to my sanyo mm-8300. I also thought aac files would work but they don’t.

  3. having trouble with the purevoice page…not sure what to downlaod…i do hae windows xp but after i try to download it the program never opens and i can never find it…any help would be great on which purevoice converter program i need to download…i have a sanyo pm 8200 phone…send help to

    – joe

  4. same instructions that my site has, but when I drop and drag wav onto pc icon, all it does is open up where you rip from cd’s ….dosent convert or anything for me…any suggestions?

  5. Hey guys,

    I wanted to know if anyone has figured out how to upload ringtones to your phone using a usb cable. (Samsung A900)
    I’ve used rumkin but I plan on cutting off the vision services cause I barely use the internet, except to download the ringers to my phone.
    Anyone know what to do?

  6. I have a m4a file that my phone won’t accept and would like to convert to a .qcp file that my sanyo will accept. I have a mac and can’t find any software to convert. Any ideas?

  7. i have yet to find a way to upload ringers to mm 8300. making them is fine and dandy but i don’t want to have to upload them to some site and have it sent a text to my phone.

    how is this possible via usb cable and bitpim?

  8. I have created the .wav file from Roxio Easy Media 7.5 and converted to .qcp with pure voice and used Mobile PhoneUploader and all seems to work fine. Is there a way to increase to volume of these clips.

  9. hi
    i have a sanyo vi2300 phone but i dont have internet on it. i was wondering if you knew how to get them onto my phone using a program other than bitpim.

  10. Thankyou! This is very usfull information and I followed the steps with no problem. I suggest Goldwave for the file format conversion. It can open many sound formats, and save with many options, and can also be used to shorten your sound file.

  11. Dude,

    I’ve been screwing with this all day. I have the same phone as you and I found some place that said that they support AAC files. I’ve been messing with MP3’s to AAC’s for the good part of today just to find out that it doesn’t work.

    You rock! Thanks for the hook up!!!

  12. is there a specific way to make a ringtone for a Sanyo Vi-2300? ive made them with no problem for an LG PM225 but that phone broke on me and SCP-8100 doesnt support ringtones from what i understand… please help me with the sanyo vi2300

  13. Awesome! Made my first ringtone in about 10 minutes.
    Now, the million dollar question….there HAS GOT to be a way to get these onto our phones without paying text and usage charges, right? Common all you techs, PLEASE somebody answer this question. Everyone’s asking, no one’s answered yet.
    Back to tone making….

  14. Ok guys, I just created and downloaded my ringtone via USB 🙂
    Used Bitpim. I have an LG Fusic LX550. Bitpim doesn’t recognize that phone version, but worked with some tweaking. If you have a USB cable, just do an internet search on your phone model and USB. Had to download the drivers from Sprint, etc, but it worked. There’s lots of help out there if you take the time to search for it.
    Now, my problem, I can’t save the files at So I can’t use those MP3s, which is screwed up. But anyhow, off to look for music.

  15. I used this process a bajillion times before and the ringtones came out perfectly. But I reformatted my comp and redownloaded everything. Now the ringtones come out all warbled and staticy. Any ideas as to why?

  16. I’m having a problem trying to download tones onto my Sanyo 2300 everytime I try to my phone locks up, and I have to reset it. Has anyone else had this problem. I have the futuredial software to transfer tones to my phone, but my phone locks up.

  17. i just switched to sprint, and this sounds cool. if i upload it to a site and then have the site buzz my cell phone and download it, doesn’t sprint charge you 15 cents for every kb downloaded or something? also would i be able to just copy the tone from my computer to a sd card and then put it on my phone that way?

  18. Ok, for all the techno-geeks and any1 else, i have the perfect way to get quality sound clips for the MM-8300, or any phone that supports the .AAC format. (If you don’t know what files are supported, just research it on the internet. shouldn’t tale more than 5-10 minutes.)

    The Programs I used were:
    Audicity (not a hard program to find)
    iTunes (download it from the
    Limewire (haha, to find the music i wanted to convert to a ringer, unless you already have the file :P)

    the first thing i had to do was download a plug-in for Audicity to be able to convert it into .MP3 format. Audicity will guide you to the site to download it, if it doesnt have it.

    1. Take the file u want and open it in Audicity. shorten/cut the music under at least 30 seconds (otherwise it takes too damn much memory)

    2. Once you have what you want, export it as an ,MP3 file. and open iTunes.

    3. gets a little tricky if you dont know the iTunes interface. Once iTunes is open, go to Edit, and click on Preferences. Once the preference window pops up, click the ‘Advance’ tab. Under that, click the ‘Import’ tab.

    4. You will see an option saying ‘Import Using’, click and change to AAC Encoder. And also change the ‘Setting’ option to ‘Custom’. It will pop up with another window to change the kbps. I suggest anything under 64 kbps (for memory purposes) and if your phone only has one speaker, it would be best to use mono (it doesnt really make that much of a difference, but, again for memory purposes).

    4. Finally, just drag and drop your file into iTunes, right click, and push ‘Convert Selection to AAC’

    5. Now to upload it to your phone, simply find a site that will do it for you. i use . And finally you can listen to your ringer 😀

    It might take a couple of tries to get the jist of it, but its not that hard once you get it down 😀 good luck 😀

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