Are Spammers Retarded?

It seems that the average spammer must have the IQ of a 1st grader. Nevermind the fact that they constantly are trying to get around people’s spam filters in email, an action that only serves to upset those from whom they want money, I’m not even gonna go there right now. What’s got me upset is the constant fact that they keep hitting me with trackback spam. I never used to get that. I used to get my share of comment spam, but every since I installed the SCode plugin, I’ve been hit with a constant deluge of trackback spams. My guess is that their script noticed the error message when they tried to post a comment spam and switched over to trackback instead. What’s really kinda strange, however, is that when I just had comments off, that didn’t happen. It was only after I took the step of installing SCode and turning old comments back on that this happened. Now, the idiocy comes in because I also have the Bayesian filtering plugin installed and it marks all these trackback pings as spam as soon as they’re posted (In fact, it has a tendency to mark things as spam even when their not… probably because my spam corpus is so much larger than my non-spam). Not one single time has one of these trackback spams actually appeared visible on my site. Not once. You’d think they’d kinda want that to happen in order for it to even be worth their time in constantly spamming me. But what do I know, I’m just a lowly consumer.

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