New job for Jake

Ya, that’s right. I’m no longer working in the hospital here. As of about two days ago, I was moved out to the camps. Right now I seem to mostly be seeing the negatives. I’d imagine there are positives, but I’m just not sure what they are. One of the biggest negatives is simple that it’s cold out there. I mean, it’s nowhere near as cold as it is back home at this time of the year, but relatively speaking, it’s plenty cold.

Another issue that will actually effect people who aren’t in Iraq is that my offline computer use time has been essentially cut off. I used to bring my laptop with me to work every night. I was able to use it during the early morning hours when the vast majority of the detainees were sleeping (of course, I still had to pay attention to the ward, but it just didn’t require my undivided attention). The work environment, both from a work tempo standpoint and the actual physical environment, just aren’t conductive to being able to do that. It’s also expressly forbidden by the SOP of the camps. So, all this means that those big patch reviews, like the FAQ overhaul (3 times!!) just aren’t as likely to happen as quickly. I still get a day off every week, but I do normally take advantage of that for sleeping. Some of that time will most likely be devoted to doing Bugzilla patches and reviews (mostly docs), but my apparent availability won’t be nearly as high as it recently appeared to be.

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