Abu Ghraib Gets Some Visitors

Visitors to Abu Ghraib aren’t really all that rare. I mean, we get visiting Generals and press members so frequently that sometimes you wonder if they’ve ever really even left. What we don’t get often, however, are famous people. Sure, we’ve had Donald Rumsfeld here last May, but it was a visit by an official. This past August we had Joe Millionaire and the Miller Lite Catfight Girls here, but that still paled in comparison to today. Today’s visitors were: Bradshaw (WWE Wrestler), Al Franken (a comedian), Karri Turner (from JAG), Mark Wills (Country Music Artist), and Darryl Worley (Country Music Artist). As you can see by clicking on the links, I got a chance to have my picture taken with all of them except Karri Turner. I was in line for her autograph/photo-op when time ran out and they had to get on their armored tour bus. While the show was mostly just a consolation prize for being stuck in Iraq during the Christmas season, it was still a nice break from the monotony of prison guard life.

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  1. More musicians and international artists would be willing to visit if conditions were more stable. I mean, whowant to travel around with, literally, an army full of bodyguards just to get out of the airport? Safety…safety…safety…you figure out how to porvide it and more celebrities will arrive.

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