Plant shutdown – 1 week

Good thing I decided to try calling work before showing up today; I would have been pretty disappointed if I drove 30 minutes to get to work and then realized that the plant was shutdown for the week. I normally don’t call before going in, but I figured with all the time I took off work in the past couple weeks and knowing that it was the season for shutdowns it might be a good idea to phone ahead.

Hopefully this extra time will mean that I can get some things in Bugzilla Documentation caught up. I’d also like to get the Bugzilla Developer profiles page online this week. And if I still have time after all that, I’d like perhaps work on some of those other bugs I’ve started on but never driven to completion. Sounds like this week w/nothing to get paid for is going to yield me plenty to do… and that’s not even attempting to account for any kind of personal life.

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