I got my laptop back

I got my laptop back from Circuit City yesterday. According to the form I got with it they repaired (or replaced), of all things, the touchpad. Not really the device that would have lept to my mind, but it seems to be working better. It does still do that message about restoring the registry from backup every now and then, but it’s done that almost since the day I bought it… and I’m still not sure why (probably something retarted w/WinXP).

Now that my laptop is back online I was also able to get my Quicken information updated. I’m actually not as far in debt as I thought I would still be. In fact, had I not just had my vehical in the shop for a bunch of little repairs, I’d be in the black. A big helper in getting me closer to out of debt was the fact that MCC finally sent me my check from tuition assistance.

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