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Category: Bugzilla

Bugzilla Install for Upcoming Events

28 November, 2006 (18:31) | Bugzilla, upcoming-events | By: Jake

I tried living with the trac bug system and it’s just way too limiting. Maybe if you’re the admin it’s configurable enough to live with, but as a normal user I found queries and what-not to be not very robust. So I made a bugzilla install for my projects. Please file bugs here rather than […]

Road to Bugzilla 2.18 is now paved.

16 January, 2005 (10:02) | Bugzilla | By: Jake

2 1/2 years after Bugzilla 2.16 was released, we’re very pleased to announce the release of Bugzilla 2.18. I told you we were a week ago, and now we’re there. Hop on over to bugzilla.org and check out the new version. While your there, you may also wish to read the latest status update. Of […]

Road to Bugzilla 2.18… Part III

9 January, 2005 (06:53) | Bugzilla | By: Jake

A little more than a week has passed since I last updated my “Road to Bugzilla 2.18” numbers. Once again, Blue numbers will represent the net change since last time. 2.18 Blockers [4] [-5] 2.18 Blockers needing Review [2] [-1] 2.18 Blockers having Review, but needing Approval [0] [0] 2.18 Blockers having Review and Approval, […]

Updated Road to Bugzilla 2.18

1 January, 2005 (05:52) | Bugzilla | By: Jake

Being that it’s now the begining of the new year, here’s an update to the numbers I posted previously: (Net change is in [Blue]) 2.18 Blockers [9] [0] 2.18 Blockers needing Review [3] [-2] 2.18 Blockers having Review, but needing Approval [0] [-1] 2.18 Blockers having Review and Approval, but needing to be checked in […]

The Road to Bugzilla 2.18

24 December, 2004 (05:22) | Bugzilla, Computers | By: Jake

We’ve been promising version 2.18 of Bugzilla for ever, it seems. I’ve only been back for a short time, but I can find emails and bug comments dating back quite a while that suggest 2.18 would be out any day. I, for one, think that it’s about time we actually made that final push. As […]

Jake is back on Documentation?

23 November, 2004 (06:05) | Bugzilla, Computers | By: Jake

First of all, let me just say that I’m not officially back. Yes, I made my first checkin to the docs in more than a year. Yes, I’m gonna try my best to get back up to speed. Unfortunately, I’ve got a few roadblocks in that department. I actually have a fair amount of time […]

School’s starting soon….

30 August, 2003 (19:00) | Bugzilla, Computers, School, Star Wars Galaxies | By: Jake

Has anybody else noticed a decrease in my posting frequency since I bought Star Wars Galaxies has decreased significantly? If you haven’t, I certainly have. My other online activities have also fallen by the wayside (such as Bugzilla‘s documentation. Heck, bugzilla.mozilla.org transferred to their new server and I didn’t even know it until I was […]

Developers Profiles Page online

4 July, 2003 (19:37) | Bugzilla, Computers | By: Jake

Just got the OK from Dave to check-in the developers profiles page (one of my stated goals for this week off work). Once all the CVS stuff cycles, which might happen before I get this entry done, the page should be available on bugzilla.org‘s web page. Looking at my other stated goals for this week, […]

Bugzilla Documentation updates

2 July, 2003 (15:28) | Bugzilla | By: Jake

I think I got the sections of the docs that were outdated updated (mainly the LDAP Auth and charset sections). I haven’t recompiled the docs yet so what you see on the website is still the old information. I’ll probably do that (recompile) toward the end of the week in case I find time to […]

I’m baaack (again)

28 June, 2003 (12:38) | Bugzilla, Computers | By: Jake

Once again I have returned to my home, this time after a trip to South Carolina. I got a lot of bugmail while I was gone; it appears that Generic Charting went in. I ‘spose that’s another thing I’ve gotta get added to the docs sometime before 2.18 comes out :).