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Upcoming Events is a plugin that can receive iCalendar feeds from third party sites and display aggregated upcoming events from multiple feeds. As of this time, it has received very little testing, but it is working on the author’s site using two feeds from Google, one from Yahoo! and one from ical.mac.com. This alpha release provides the ability to add a virtually unlimited number of feeds, but does not contain the ability to delete any (feeds can be hidden so they don’t show up in the sidebar).

ICS files are locally cached and will be automatically updated when they reach a certain age. This age is configurable both as a global default and individually for each feed. The options range from 1 Hour to 1 Year with many available options in between.

See it in Action

This plugin is installed on my site. To see it in action, simply visit my blog. You can also browse just the upcoming-events category and see the latest plugin related news. And to get updates, don’t forget to subscribe using either RSS or email.

Latest Version

The latest version of Upcoming Events is 0.5. Updated in this version are:

  • Allow multiple widgets that can display different feeds
  • Fix a PHP 4 compatibility issue
  • Make the popups with event details fade in and out
  • code_name can no longer start with an underscore

Download Links

NOTE: The .zip file comes from a third party download site that I have no control over.

WordPress Info Page

Install Instructions

Untar/unzip the downloaded file into your wp-content/plugins directory then visit the Plugin Manager in your WordPress admin interface and active the plugin. A new subpage will appear on the Options tab for Upcoming Events where you can configure your iCal feed(s). Once you have feeds configured, you can add the event list to your sidebar. If you use widgets, simply visit the Widget subpage on the Presentation tab to add the Upcoming Events widgets. If you don’t use widgets, you’ll need to edit your sidebar.php in your theme directory (the default theme is in wp-content/themes/default) and add the appropriate code from the Upcoming Events options page.

Upgrade Instructions

Simply untar/unzip the file into your wp-content/plugins directory in place of the current upcoming-events contents.

Release Notes

For a full revision log, see http://dev.wp-plugins.org/log/upcoming-events.

v0.5 – 26-Sep-2007

  • Allow multiple widgets that can display different feeds
  • Fix a PHP 4 compatibility issue
  • Make the popups with event details fade in and out
  • code_name can no longer start with an underscore

v0.4 – 11-Sep-2007

  • Use $wpdb->prefix for forward compatibility with WordPress
  • Provide limited support for recurring events
  • Specify that the background should be White in the CSS file
  • Display newly added feeds by default

v0.3 – 6-Dec-2006

  • Removed a debugging statement that caused days/weeks to display incorrectly
  • Individual iCal feeds can be immediately updated from the admin page
  • The events list is now valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • The admin page now produces valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • CSS styles are in their own seperate file for easier modification
  • More information is provided in a tooltip-like popup for each event
  • Basic error checking is done when making changes on the admin page

v0.2 – 29-Nov-2006

  • Now runs on PHP 4 (used to have PHP 5 specific code)
  • Can now be loaded as a sidebar widget

v0.1 – 22-Nov-2006

  • Initial release

89 thoughts on “Upcoming Events Plugin”

  1. Hi Jake, i’ve been testing your plugin with google calendar Ical , it run quite good, but i’m having problems with the popups …. they’re translucent ! , i mean you can see the information about the event, but the blackground insted of being white like in your page, it lets the other things under the popoup to be seen. It’s kind of annoying problem Jake , tell me what can i do to solve it, i’ve been touching Js script but im not the web developer i though i was haha. By the way this is the page, ( you can see the problem aiming with the mouse , to the events ) -> http://blog.sabf.org.ar

    Thanks in advance and good plugin!

  2. I second Eule, works great with Google calendar, haven’t tried it with anything else yet. I will have to have a play around with this after the Easter weekend and let you know.


  3. Hi… i’ve been looking at your upcoming events plugin – I like it a lot except – my only issue is with the popups – it isn’t totally smooth, and I’d like to replace the pop up with a way to click on an event to see its details. Is there a way to un-javascript this?

    Otherwise, awesome – really easy to set up and after I added a few classes to your css, it was easy to style the layout as well. Thanks.

  4. HI Jake, this is a great plugin, but the pop up is showing the year 1970. I looked at Robert’s instructions above but I do not understand what I need to do to change it as all code is looking the same to me. Please can you advise?

  5. I have been looking for something like this for a while. But, it is only showing selected items from my Google feed. The first event it shows is on the 20th, but I have something schedules tonight (the 6th). If I put the same URL to the .ics into iCal on my mac, it shows the events correctly.

  6. I just downloaded and installed this today. Everything seems to work properly, except nothing is showing up in the widget on the front page. I have confirmed that in the admin tool I can update from the public google calendar I am pulling from. Any idea why this isn’t displaying any events?


  7. Hi

    I have solved the problem with special-characters or at least work the way around the problem. It seems to work if you define all the .htmlentities() as utf8 – like this in line 103 in admin php:

    Should be replaced with:
    htmlentities($_POST[$f.’_display’], ENT_COMPAT, “UTF-8”)

    just search after htmlentities and add “, ENT_COMPAT, “UTF-8″” after the string… (6 times in the admin.php and 4 times in upcoming-events.php) – just dont make any changes if the 3 times the “. htmlentities($code_name) .” is handled (line 90, 94 & 98 in admin.php).

    As this is said i still got a problem with the plugin only showing all day events and i would love to have it show events on speciel times of day. Because as it is now it will just not show an event if its not a all-day event…

  8. Hei,

    wordpress 2.7 seems not to be supported – at least the widget and the hardcoded-sidebar entry display nothing but the heading although in the options page, every update is perfectly confirmed….

    Is it a 2.7-issue? Are you planning on updating?

  9. Thankyou for a great plugin! I spent hours trying to get hand code something similar to no avail, just what I was looking for. Do you plan on releasing a multi language pack?

  10. hi, i’m having some trouble getting any events to display. i get “Error: No feeds selected for this block”. i think i set everything up correctly. i noticed a couple things, though: –the checkbox in the widget, to select a specific calendar is unclickable. –and, with “Display in default sidebar” unchecked, i don’t get anything- no events and no error message either. Hope you can help! -thanks

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