Upcoming Events 0.5

Here we go with the 5th release of the Upcoming Events plugin. Again, I’m sure this won’t solve everybody’s problems with past versions, but it solves a few more than 0.4 did. Fixes in this version include:

  • Allow multiple widgets that can display different feeds
  • Fix a PHP 4 compatibility issue
  • Make the popups with event details fade in and out
  • code_name can no longer start with an underscore. If you have feeds with this setting now, the plugin will continue to work, but the next time you try to update your options you’ll be required to change it.

There are, of course, fixes that didn’t make the short list. For a complete log, see http://dev.wp-plugins.org/log/upcoming-events.

Important Links

WordPress Info Page

Upgrade Instructions

IMPORTANT: With past versions you could simply unzip the file into your wp-content/plugins directory in place of the current upcoming-events contents and be good to go. This update requires one additional step. You must also deactivate and reactivate the plugin on the Plugins tab of the WordPress admin interface. Once reactivated, if you use widgets you’ll need to visit the Widget config settings on the Presentation tab in order to re-add the Upcoming Events widget. This is because of the new ability to add multiple widgets.

Install Instructions

See the main Upcoming Events Page.

9 Replies to “Upcoming Events 0.5”

  1. Jake – sweet plugin. thank you.

    I was looking at Event Calendar (ec3) plug in – but like you i really didn’t want to use that awful interface for entering calendar data.

    But what that does have to its credit is a great calendar widget that displays a month – you can see which days have events and hover over them and get a tool tip style pop up with the event detail.

    Any thoughts on producing something like that that would take the iCal feeds used in here?

    I am gonna go with your plugin since i can sacrifice the look and feel i’d really like but i can not sacrifice the ease of maintenance that using ical gives me.

    thanks again – nice job

  2. Hi Jake, I relatively new to your plugin, and I am interested in making the popup go away more quickly (almost instantly when not hovering, to avoid flicker and let users swipe quickly down the list to see all the even summaries).

    Looking in the plugin code, there are a few timers I can play with, but which one/combo would be best to do this?

    If it helps and this is simply my computer choking, I am on a macbook running Safari 3.0.4 (5523.10.6).

  3. I am using this plugin with WP 2.5.1, and it mostly works fine. But it seems that for any event that is an all day event without a time shows up wrong in the popup. In the popup, it gives the month and date, followed by “-31, 1969” (e.g. “June 7-31, 1969”). Any idea what is going wrong?

    My iCal feed is from Google calendar.

  4. Now it is worse.. it is only showing events without a start/end time. I looking at the cache in the database and the events are all there, so it must be parsing them incorrectly. I am using a Google calendar, if that makes a difference.

  5. I have the same problems as Ken…. working with the latest wordpress version,
    only all day events show up, and the popup shows the correct (day/month) date, but with the year 1970….. and how do I get my non-all day events to show up?
    In the database all the (Google) feeds are there, with all the correct data…
    Thanks for helping me!


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