Live Demo of Captive Portal Design

Aruba Portal on an iPadIn my previous post, I showed a very simple design for an Aruba captive portal that is usable on small handheld screens (like a cell phones) as well as full size browser windows. In this post, I had directly pasted the HTML code (with embedded CSS). This actually had a couple of drawbacks. First, WordPress didn’t really handle the code very well. Part of the reason I pasted it right in the post was to have the code stylized by GeSHi. Unfortunately, GeSHi didn’t properly highlight the CSS. This also ended up making the post really long and there’s at least a few places where it mutilated the code. And second, embedding the code in a WordPress post also had the drawback that you couldn’t see how the page looked other than in my screenshots.

So I’ve now uploaded the code as a normal webpage. You can view it in a window sized like a phone screen [Pops up new window]. Once this window opens, you should be able to resize it in order to see how the page will look at different screen/browser sizes. Or you could view it in your current browser window (if you’d like to download the HTML, you should be able to right-click the link to get an option from your browser to save the target).

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