Over Labor Day weekend, another seasonal at the campground mentioned that they had been geocaching recently. My wife had been geocaching before with TJ, though I had never been. When we got back from camping over the weekend, she said that she really wanted to geocache. In preparation for my trip to Iraq back in 2004, I bought a Garmin Rino 120 GPS. I actually never used it while I was there, but I still had it. We dug it out from the bottom of the closet and figured out how to add a couple points to it. We set out that evening to do our first cache: Savage Animal. It took us a little while to figure out how all the equipment worked, but we did find it. I had brought my laptop along with me, so that helped us out of a pinch. Good thing I brought it along.

Since the 1st, we’ve found 7 caches. Unfortunately, we’ve also made 7 appempts that didn’t work out. If you’d like to follow along, I set up a blog at You can either check out blog periodically or subscribe to the RSS feed if you’d like. Or you can completely ignore our Geocaching adventures :).

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  1. That’s very cool, I’ve been debating getting into Geocaching or not. I only have an iphone and was wondering if these were precise enough to do it? I have the 3G iPhone if that helps any. This could be a fun pasttime.

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