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Some may have noticed quite a few updates to my blog in the past couple weeks. In addition to my new Upcoming Events plugin, I’ve also put a new theme up. I found this Iowa Winter 1 theme on themes.wordpress.net. One thing I really liked about this site is that you can specify search criteria when looking for a new theme. For example, I wanted a 2 column widget ready so I check those two boxes and select “ALL” from the dropdown at the bottom. Then I could look at just themes that worked for me. There’s also color related search options.

I’ve also added the wpopenid plugin so if you have an OpenID identify you can use it to post comments on my site. I followed some instructions I found in Kveton’s blog about how to use a third party OpenID provider while still using your own URL. So my OpenID provider is myopenid.com but my OpenID url is jacob.steenhagen.us.

I’ve also started using FeedBurner for my RSS feeds instead of pointing to my own site. I currently have a feed for all of my blog and a feed for the upcoming events plugin available.

I think that’s all the changes 🙂

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  1. OpenID rocks! I just registered for my own OpenID account at Verisign and use the PayPal security key as an added authentication method. Though I don’t see how I can authenticate on your site using my OpenID. I don’t see the OpenID log in box — did you disable it? Anyhow, great site! 🙂

  2. Chris,
    Yes, I had some issues getting it to work again after I updated to WordPress 2.3 and just haven’t had the time to look into why yet… I wish WordPress would just integrate it into the core system :).

  3. Open ID is a good method to encourage users to login, but I think facebook login works best. Believe it or not, more people use facebook than open Id. Check it out http://www.iommo.com . I’ve used my Gmail account to login here, but if you had Facebook connectivity, I’d definitely use that because it integrates my avatar as well. 🙂

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