Ringtones for Free?

It takes a little work, but somebody going by the name of Tony posted a cool idea on how to get ringtones for free! Basically, what you do is go to a site that allows downloads of song samples, such as walmart.com, and download the MP3 file. You can then follow the instructions to create either QCP or M4A type ringtones starting at the point where you have an MP3 file.

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  1. Jake,
    Thanks for posting the instructions. The software you recommended and the process you outlined worked great. It was fun too.

    Do watch 24? My entire family loves the show. Using your posting I was able to convert the CTU ringtone from a MP3 to QCP and install it on my teenage daughters cell phones. They love it.

    Thanks again.
    Tom Turner

  2. I used a M-Audio Microtrack 24 24/96 to record my own custom song from a digital recorder. The microtrack saved it as a wav file 16 bit single channel. Then I used PureVoice Convertor, Free download to convert it from WAV to qcp. Then I uploaded it to the phones ringer directory. Works but is not as loud and clear as I would like.. Still working on it.

  3. I have done something similiar with midi files and wallpapers. Just sample it and it should be in your internet cache, then all you need is a bluetooth adapter to upload it to your mobile from the computer.

  4. There are many sites that offer free midis. IMO midis sound better than mp3 and loud on most phones but there are exceptions. Most modern phones allow ringtones to be uploaded via bluetooth. All you need to do is get a bluetooth adapter from ebay and start uploading the files from your computer to your mobile.

  5. Don’t ask your phone company they will most likely tell you that you cant load outside audio as ringtones. I guess they want you to buy them from them. But yeah. External MP3s or what not from Wallmart or wherever work great. They dont need to be long either. Just a few seconds.

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