A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon GasBuddy.com, a site with a bunch of links to other sites that use the same software to track gas prices nationwide. When I clicked on the link for Michigan, I saw listings for Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Detroit but pretty much overlooked the link to MichiganGasPrices.com at the top. I was disappointed that there was no Muskegon listing and actually emailed GasBuddy.com to ask about it. They, very kindly, sent me back a link to the Muskegon section of MichiganGasPrices.com. So now I can track area gas prices, assuming that people in the area help keep it updated… which at least some people do, seeing how there are prices listed. FWIW, my user ID on that site is StarDestroyer.

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  1. Michigan gas prices are brutal. I work with this guy from Indian that commutes to Michigan each week. He says that Indiana prices are usually about 25 cents cheaper. He always buys his gas in Indiana for obvious reasons.


  2. The gas prices feature that gasbuddy.com has is without a doubt very helpful, because it helps gasoline consumers find real solutions to high gas prices.

    A lot of people might not be aware of this, but this gas prices feature of theirs enables consumers to track local gas pricing fluctuations, which really puts consumers on vantage ground when it comes to saving money on gas because if you can detect a pattern in gas pricing you will know what day(s) are best to purchase gas for the lowest price. So I highly recommend it!

  3. I find it amazing just how much prices can vary. It’s especially annoying when stations in the countryside charge considerably more than in the cities. However one way to reduce costs is to change your driving style.

  4. I realize this is an old post but thought I’d point out that last month AAA stated that Michigan gas prices were at their lowest since early 2005…just a few months before this post was written. Thats when the average was $1.76, it’s now at $1.67. Gas is cheaper than it was three years ago, which is incredible because the highest recorded average price occured just 5 months ago when the Michigan average was $4.21. Here in Detroit, I remember seeing gas prices in the $4.50 range during the summer and just a couple weeks ago saw a station selling the black stuff for under $1.30!

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