Back in the States

America, here I am at last. I actually got in a couple days ago (approx. 6am on Saturday), but I just haven’t gotten around to posting that here yet. Out-processing takes about 6 days and we’ll be starting that tomorrow. So, I should be actually home really soon. I’d like get rolling on Bugzilla Documentation reviews and such, but I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have here at Fort Dix, NJ during the next week, so those may have to wait until I’m actually at home. Of course, I may be really busy when I actually get there, so I guess that means the whole thing will have to be flexible. But anyway, I am happy to be back in the States.

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  1. Welcome home, and thanks for serving your country, and mankind, in a huge humanitarian effort with the support and concurrence of 40+ member nations!

    I hope that you have a cheerful homecoming, and then, can return to a productive effort on thes Open Source projects.

    All Americans appreciate and applaud your work in both arenas!

    Thank you!

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