Kuwait, Here I Am

Iraq is now just a memory for me. We flew out of Baghdad and into Kuwait the other night. After sitting here for a couple weeks, we’ll be USA bound. About a week in New Jersey, and it’s on to Fort Living Room. This deployment is almost over, yet for some reason it doesn’t really feel like it is. I suppose amidst all the insanity I’ve put up with over the last year from the Army, this almost just seems like more of the same. Perhaps it will sink in once we finally make it back to the States.

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  1. Hang in there, trooper! It will probably sink in about the time you get wheels up and feet wet. From my days in Vietnam and environs, I can vouch for that. The great big, beautiful “Freedom Bird” was wonderful, but no one accepted that we’d actually be going back to “the world” until we heard those wheels thump up into the wheel wells. Then there was a great, loud cheer from all of us. Unfortunately, I got to experience that 5 times! Enough, Uncle Sam! I hope your generation has better luck!

    Joe Comer
    USAF, Ret.

  2. hay jake,

    My sister told me you had this, I am glad we can all talk to eachother. I just wanted you to know that we love you back here in the States. Take care of yourself.


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