Still In Iraq for Foreseeable Future

Once again, I bid you hello from Iraq where I’ll be for a yet to be determined amount of time. When I originally left, the plan was for a one year deployment. In the Army’s book, this “deployment” time includes things such as training (I spent 1 1/2 months at Fort Dix, NJ), redeployment (the Army term for going home), demobilization and terminal leave. Those last three things take about 2 months to do (redeployment and demob take about a month and terminal leave is simply leave paid at the end of deployment that wasn’t used during the deployment). That means that in order for all the paperwork to be completed on time you have to leave the area of operations about 2 months before the end of your deployed time. Being that my deployed time according to my orders ends in early January, that means I’d have had to leave here in early November. Well, that didn’t happen. Half our company did leave and they’ll be home really soon. Those of us that stayed behind will have to be issued extension orders as there is no way at this point to be done with all the post-deployment stuff before our current orders expire. I’ve heard rumors that those orders have been issued, though I haven’t seen them with my own eyes.

In other news, I was gonna give a shot at downloading the Bugzilla Documentation from CVS onto my laptop today (maybe I’ll get some time to look at it… no promises) when I noticed that now requires ssh in order to access it. I’m sure it’s a good thing, but being that I didn’t get the message when it was sent out in May (didn’t look at that mailbox) I never sent in a public key. Ah well, I sent it this morning so it should be activated soon.

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  1. Do you know anyone from the 391st out of Columbus, Ohio? I know a Sgt there whom i hope is doing well. i know it aint easy over there. and i know people don’t really understand what the soldiers at abu ghraib are going through. i know enough to know i never will. that was made clear to me by aforementioned sgt. but i want you to know that politics aside, as an american, i sure am proud of you and respect your service.

  2. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner… I know a few people with the 391st HHC. There aren’t all that many MP companies at this base, so it’s easy to say you know somebody from each one. That’s not to say that I know everybody, but it’s possible that I know the same Sgt you do.

    Thank-you for your support :).

  3. Hey Erik,

    you didnt leave a link for me to respond to. I understand that Reil is up for a bronze star. Would love to know more about that since he can be tight lipped about what went on there (understandable). He told me a little bit about what got him nominated, but I would like to hear it from someone who was there too. Were you two buddies?

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