Another new time sink … I mean character

Sony Online Entertainment had some problems with a patch they did this morning resulting in many of their galaxies (read, servers) being down for an extended amount of time this morning. This included the ones I normally play on. While I was waiting patiently (ya, right) for the game to be playable again I created a new character… as if I didn’t waste, I mean spend, enough time on the existing two. Anyway, this new character’s name is Oplem Koped and he resides on the Sunrunner galaxy. He hopes someday to be bounty hunter and a loyal servant of the Empire (even though some Imperials don’t like bounty hunters). I spent most of the day playing this character and helped him to learn a couple of skills. He’s about half-way to the required faction points to join the Empire… I really forgot how fast that initial 200 FP took to earn.

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