SWG Developers Chat

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the developers chat this evening hosted by Stratics.com. Fortunately, I was prepared for this possibility and had my IRC client logging. I filtered the logs to remove many of the join/part/quit messages and put them on my site. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but will be doing so shortly :).

Welcome to my CIS 153 class

All I have to say if you’re from my CIS 153 AW Online Access class (wow, that’s a finger-full) is: “Wow, you actually clicked that link.” I really didn’t think anybody would come (and as I’m writing this I may yet be proven right). Anyway, this is my humble little blog. If you’re not from CIS 153 and came to this page because I had a new entry and though you might see something witty… well, there’s never anything witty at this page. But if you though you might see something new about me or my plans, about as close as I can come to that is that I’m in an online Access database class (yes, even though I don’t like Microsoft, I still learn their software).

Another new time sink … I mean character

Sony Online Entertainment had some problems with a patch they did this morning resulting in many of their galaxies (read, servers) being down for an extended amount of time this morning. This included the ones I normally play on. While I was waiting patiently (ya, right) for the game to be playable again I created a new character… as if I didn’t waste, I mean spend, enough time on the existing two. Anyway, this new character’s name is Oplem Koped and he resides on the Sunrunner galaxy. He hopes someday to be bounty hunter and a loyal servant of the Empire (even though some Imperials don’t like bounty hunters). I spent most of the day playing this character and helped him to learn a couple of skills. He’s about half-way to the required faction points to join the Empire… I really forgot how fast that initial 200 FP took to earn.