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Today I was looking at my referrer logs and found it quite interesting to see not only the sites from which people are finding my blog, but also the search-terms they’re using to find it. Below are some of my favorites along with an attempt to answer the question they were most likely trying to ask. It is, of course, just a bunch of guesswork.

bugzilla documentation
Yes, I am the person currently in charge of Bugzilla’s documentation. No, I did not write all of it… most of it was written by Matthew Barnson. No, this is not the site to find the documentation. It can all be found at
contacts wear shower
When I got my contacts, they recommended to me not to wear them in the shower. They said the reason for his was actually that if any shampoo happened to get into your eyes, you not only have to get it out of your eyes, but also out of the contacts. It’s just easier if you don’t wear them. Besides, you should know where everything is by now :).
how much does army reserve get paid
Well, that varies based on a number of factors, such as what your rank is and how long you’ve been in. I, as an E3 with less than 2 yrs of service, get $180.92 pre-tax for a weekend. After taxes and SGLI it ends up being $130.60. In addition to that pay, there are also the benefits such as the sign-on bonus, GI Bill, and tuition assistance. Only a recruiter can tell you exactly how much any of that would be as it varies based on the job you want and how badly the Army wants that job filled.
star wars galaxies on laptop
I had less than good (eg, no) luck getting it to work on my laptop. The video card is the sticky part as it has to support “Hardware Transform and Lighting” which a lot of the ones embedded in laptops apparently don’t. I saw somebody on one of the forums mention the use of software emulation for that once, but can’t find it now. I never tried it, so I can’t say if it works or not.
swg entertainers
Yes, I have a character on the Valcyn galaxy that is an entertainer. More specifically, she’s a musician. When in the cantina, she’s normally in the one at Theed. However, being that she’s also an aspiring tailor she’s not always in the cantina.

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