My laptop hates me

I’m convinced that my laptop thinks of me as the enemy. Almost since I bought it I’ve had a problem where every now and then it would say the registry (Windows XP, yuck) had to be restored from a backup. It was almost always successful. However, I think there were a couple instances where it apparently wasn’t as the nifty screen with all the usernames/pictures would never show up and I was forced to reformat it. It’s gotten even worse now, to the point where it just randomly locks up… even right after reformatting the drive. This really makes me think there’s a hardware problem of some sort. The worst part is, it’s less than 1 yr old.

Fortunately, when I bought it from Circuit City, I got the service contract with it. I guess it’s time to take it in to them and have them do something about it. Now is even the ideal time because I won’t be around next week to miss it.

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