I’m baaack

Annual Training is now over and I have returned to my home. For those who are curious, I qualified Expert on the M-16 (rifle) and Marksman on the M-9 (Pistol). I am really disappointed by my score w/the 9mm… so much so that I’m probably going to purchase one before next year so I can practice. We also performed some MOUT training. That was a lot of fun, even though I died before I even made it into the building when it was my platoon’s turn to assault.

I may be going away again tomorrow depending on if I can get the time off work or not. My friend’s sister is graduating basic training and I’ve been asked to go to Fort Jackson with them and attend the graduation. My biggest problem with that is money… I’m not exactly rich and I’ll have to pay for my own hotel room.

Speaking of money, I finally got my check from MCC to reimburse me for what the Government paid on my behalf for last semester’s tuition (yes, the semester that ended over a month ago). Other good news on that front is that I have a schedule ready to rock to that will allow me to get my associates degree at the end of this next semester… it only took me 6 1/2 years.

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