Made the Switch

The SPAM finally got to me. I don’t know if WordPress will be any better at handling SPAM or not, but I can dream :). The design is still very much off the shelf, so I’ll have to play with that in the months to come and, of course, I still have to learn about how to use this software. But I’m hoping that it will be much better than MoveableType was. In my brief playing while evaluating and setting it up, I think I like it better. MoveableType 3.0 may have been much better, but I didn’t wanna have to pay for it.

So, if you’re curious, read on to find out how I set it up. It really was quite simple. I first downloaded and installed WordPress using their 5 minute install guide. After that, I followed the instructions for importing from MoveableType. The most difficult part was making sure my permalinks from MovableType (like the archives) still worked. To do that, I created an .htaccess file to leaverage mod_rewrite. It looks like this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^archives/0*(\d+).html /~jake/blog/index.php?p=$1
RewriteRule index.rdf /~jake/blog/index.php?feed=rdf
RewriteRule index.xml /~jake/blog/index.php?feed=rss2

So, we’ll have to see how well this really works for me, but at this point I’d have to say that I’ve already committed to it.