Howdy From Iraq

Obviously I haven’t posted to this blog for quite some time… well, at least it’s obvious to me. There probably weren’t any readers regular enough to realize it other than the author.

Anyway, I’m in Iraq now (as you can tell by the title). I’m stationed at a prison facility about 10 miles or so west of Baghdad. This facility, Abu Ghraib, has quite a reputation amoung the locals. It’s a place where Sadam tortured and excuted many of his political enemies and such. At least that’s what I hear and what I’ve read on the ‘net. We, being the Americans, reopened this facility as a EPW/Civilian Detainee camp though some of it still operates as an Iraqi prison. I’m sure anybody familiar with this type of operation knows that there’s not a whole lot of details I can give, but there are websites/news articles out there with some acurate information… though there’s also some out there with inaccurate information. Good luck trying to tell between the two :).

I’ve been in this little paradise since the morning of 28-Feb. For the first two weeks or so the entire company stayed in one big room, the MWR room. Once the company that we were relieving left, we were able to move into the cells they had been occupying. That’s right, I currently live in a jail cell. It’s actually fairly spacious… I can only imagine how many people were in here when this was being used as a prison, but right now there’s three of us. We’ve been able to get some wood and nails so I built myself a bed and a desk. Back home it wouldn’t really be much of anything, but here it’s near luxury. Sometime in the near future I want to post some pictures of various things, my bed will be one of them.

Well, I think that’s all I’m going to type for now. My intention is to semi-regularly post information to this site… I guess time will tell how well I do in that department. At this time I have no intention of changing the times I post to be local time here, just be aware that it’s not really 1:30am it’s 9:30am (I’m 8 hrs ahead of Eastern Time).