Hard Reset of ppc6700

This was originally a blog post. I just want a list of things to do so next time I have to reset my PPC-6700 I have a list of things I need to do.

  • Make sure everything is Synced up
  • Hold both softkeys and press the reset button
  • When it comes up and says it will customize the device in 3 seconds, do a soft reset
  • Using a registry editor (I use PHM Registry Editor), change:
    • HKLM\System\StorageManager\Profiles\TRUEFFS_DOC1\MountHidden = 0
    • HKLM\System\StorageManager\AutoLoad\TRUEFFS_DOC1\BootPhase = 2
  • Soft reset
  • Install the following CABs from Extended_ROM2 (now visible because of registry changes):
    • BottonLock.sa
    • Cert_SPCS
    • Cert_SPCS.sa
    • Customize_SPCS.sa
    • Enable_RingTone.sa
    • IOTA.sa
    • TimeSync.sa
  • Set Owner Information
  • Enable CAcert certificates using premade CAB file and instructions from wiki
  • Configure ActiveSync/Exchange Push Mail
    • At this time, contacts should once again be on the phone. However, per-contact ringtone settings will be lost
  • Install:
  • Using Registery Editor again:
    • HKLM\Software\OEM\PhoneSetting\HiddenDeleteVM = 0 (Enables the Clear Voicemail indicator button in Phone -> settings
    • HKLM\Software\OEM\PhoneSetting\HiddenPreferenceMode = 0
    • HKLM\ControlPanel\Phone\Flags2 = 16(Dec) as a DWORD. Enable data duration timer and disconnect button
    • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\SMSNoSentMsg as a String w/a value of 1 (need to create Settings key as well)
  • Copy ringtones from \Storage Card\Rings to Windows\Rings
  • Set custom ringtones:
    • Laura – Memories of Us
    • Matt – Imperial March
    • Army People – American Soldier
  • Set Darth Vader Theme – Forgot where I got it from
  • Set device password

Now I need to remember to update this page whenever I make another change to my phone so I can restore it in as close to working order as possible.

7 thoughts on “Hard Reset of ppc6700”

  1. Performed hard reset on PPC6700 due to malfunctioning program and overuse of memory, but could not tell which program was using up all of memory. Synced device first. After performing first hard reset, I go through the screen alignment, set the time zone, read the info on “stylus” and tap “next”, but when the “pop up menus” screen comes up there is no next button to continue to the next screen in the setup. I have tried tapping every available button and area on the screen. No success. I have tried several more soft and hard resets, however, it always does the same thing. Any thoughts? Thanks for you help

  2. i want to perform a hard reset of my device but one of my fear is to loose my phone book contacts. is there any way i keep them on my computer or something. Thanks for your help, i wish to have a quick answer from you guys.

  3. I’ve tried to do this so many times and I just kept running up against a brick wall. One thing I’m am not good at is techie stuff. I’ve just read your article right now so I haven’t tried out the method you listed here but it sure looks like you know what you are doing! Maybe it was the registry editor that I was trying to use. I checked the link you have to the PHM registry editor and it was updated in 2002. Is this the one you still use or has it been updated again? Is PHM easier or better than other registry editors? Sorry for so many questions but I have been searching all night for an article like this and now that I found one I gotta hit you up with a few questions. I look forward to your response.

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