We have no Wii

My wife and I just decided that we would like to get a Nintendo Wii. We’ve been kicking the idea around for a few weeks now about maybe doing that as part of a joint gift to each other. We decided against that in the end, but just this morning we tallied up birthday money, Christmas money, gift cards and the like and discovered we have enough money! Unfortunately for us, everybody around town is sold out. We’ve tried neighbouring towns and online stores, but to no avail. Not that anybody out there really cares :).

What I wonder is why this problem seems to happen in the first place. It seems like had Nintendo released a couple months sooner they could have had enough systems produced by Christmas time to meet demand. It also seems that if they had enough systems produced so that everybody who wanted one could get one they’d have made more profit, too. And isn’t that the point of making it in the first place? Granted, I don’t have a degree in economics or anything, it’s just my opinion…

Update 9-Jan-2007: We now have a Wii.

Upcoming Events and WordPress 2.1

It looks like WordPress 2.1 is getting closer to being out the door… The WordPress Development blog just made a post to suggest the plugin authors check their code to make sure if it’s naughty or nice. Well, Upcoming Events is somewhere in between. I followed the instructions on WordPress’ site for creating tables in the database which said to use $table_prefix in order to get the configured prefix (wp_ by default). It seems, however, that I should actually be using $wpdb->prefix instead. Fortunately, $table_prefix is just depreciated, not eliminated so even version 0.1 of Upcoming Events is WordPress 2.1 ready. Upcoming Events 0.4, when it comes out, will use the shiny new $wpdb->prefix interface.

UPDATE 11-Dec-2006: I edited the WordPress wiki to reflect the fact that $wpdb->prefix is now the prefered method.

Install Fedora Core 6 w/external DVD drive

I’ve actually been trying to figure out how to do this for a while and not having much luck. Here’s my situation:

  • I have a computer that has a CD drive in it, but not a DVD drive.
  • I had previously downloaded the DVD version of Fedora Core 6 in to install it on a different machine.
  • I have an external USB DVD drive.
  • My BIOS does not support booting from a USB device
  • I wanted to avoid having to use up a lot of CD-R’s

So I went hunting in Google. I found pretty much nothing. After some investigation, I discovered that the Fedora Core 6 ISO has a file, images/boot.iso, that when burned to a CD provides a bootable media that can then read the external USB DVD. It’s really simple, but it took me quite some time to figure it out.

Upcoming Events v0.3

It’s time to make the 3rd release of my Upcoming Events plugin. Updates in this release include:

  • Removed a debugging statement that caused days/weeks to display incorrectly
  • Individual iCal feeds can be immediately updated from the admin page
  • The events list is now valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • The admin page now produces valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • CSS styles are in their own separate file for easier modification
  • More information is provided in a tooltip-like popup for each event
  • Basic error checking is done when making changes on the admin page

By far, the biggest user visible update is the tooltip-like popup. To see it in action, simply hover your mouse over one of the events in my event list. Pretty much all the other updates are only of concern to the admin… though being that the plugin is installed by the admin, I think they’re a pretty important person :).

Download Links

Red Alt info page

Upgrade Instructions

Simply untar/unzip the file into your wp-content/plugins directory in place of the current upcoming-events contents.

Install Instructions

Untar/unzip the downloaded file into your wp-content/plugins directory then visit the Plugin Manager in your WordPress admin interface and active the plugin. A new subpage will appear on the Options tab for Upcoming Events where you can configure your iCal feed(s). Once you have feeds configured, you can add the event list to your sidebar. If you use widgets, simply visit the Widget subpage on the Presentation tab to add the Upcoming Events widgets. If you don’t use widgets, you’ll need to edit your sidebar.php in your theme directory (the default theme is in wp-content/themes/default) and add the appropriate code from the Upcoming Events options page.

Updates to blog

Some may have noticed quite a few updates to my blog in the past couple weeks. In addition to my new Upcoming Events plugin, I’ve also put a new theme up. I found this Iowa Winter 1 theme on themes.wordpress.net. One thing I really liked about this site is that you can specify search criteria when looking for a new theme. For example, I wanted a 2 column widget ready so I check those two boxes and select “ALL” from the dropdown at the bottom. Then I could look at just themes that worked for me. There’s also color related search options.

I’ve also added the wpopenid plugin so if you have an OpenID identify you can use it to post comments on my site. I followed some instructions I found in Kveton’s blog about how to use a third party OpenID provider while still using your own URL. So my OpenID provider is myopenid.com but my OpenID url is jacob.steenhagen.us.

I’ve also started using FeedBurner for my RSS feeds instead of pointing to my own site. I currently have a feed for all of my blog and a feed for the upcoming events plugin available.

I think that’s all the changes 🙂