Upcoming Events v0.2

This second release of the Upcoming Events plugin has a couple of fixes that people asked for after the first release.

  • Now supports being used as a widget.
  • Should now work in PHP 4 (had received only moderate testing).

This second bullet point will probably excite more people than the first. I’d much appreciate it if those of you that have been having problems getting the plugin to work because you run PHP 4 could try out this release.

The .tar.gz can be downloaded from my site. A zip version is available from Red Alt‘s download page.

Bugzilla Install for Upcoming Events

I tried living with the trac bug system and it’s just way too limiting. Maybe if you’re the admin it’s configurable enough to live with, but as a normal user I found queries and what-not to be not very robust.

So I made a bugzilla install for my projects. Please file bugs here rather than in trac.

Upcoming Events v0.1

NOTICE: This is the URL specifically for version 0.1 of this plugin. For all posts related to this plugin, please see the upcoming-events category.

Some of you may have noticed a new section in my sidebar labeled “Upcoming Events” for the past week or so. Up until today, it said it was “Powered by a yet-to-be-released plugin.” Well, today is the day I release it! I set up an account at wp-plugins.org and got everything but the ability to edit the wiki. My intention was to have that page be the “Plugin URI,” but I decided to go ahead and release it now. Once I get the ability to edit the wiki, I’ll be making that the plugin’s main site.

So what does this plugin do? Pretty much what you see in my sidebar. I have a feed from my Google Calendar, a feed for Bugzilla Development, a feed for my Army Drills, and a feed for the Detroit Lions schedule. It takes all of those iCal feeds and comes up with what the next, in my case, 7 events are. This is configurable in that you can choose how many events, days, or weeks to display.

So how do you get your hands on it? Easy, simply download it. Once you’ve done that, extract the archive into your Word Press plugins directory (by default, wp-content/plugins) and activate it using the normal Plugin Activation screen inside the Word Press administrative interface.

Any bugs should be filed using my bugzilla install.

UPDATE 28-Nov-2006: My bugzilla install is now the place to file bugs instead of trac at wp-plugins.org.

UPDATE 29-Nov-2006: New version (0.2) released.

UPDATE 6-Dev-2006: Added notice about the upcoming-events category. Also, version 0.3 is out now