Fedora Core 4… Not yet :(

For reasons I don’t entirely understand, I have been unable to try out Fedora Core 4. I have downloaded it and successfully made the install disks and I can boot off disk one with no problem. The problem arises when I select which installation to upgrade. My setup isn’t entirely normal. I have two 120GB disks running off an ATA100 controller (so they are NOT hda and hdb) that are mirrored using software mirroring. So my root device is /dev/md0. That shows up as an option and has Fedora Core 3 detected on it, but when I click next, I get a dialog that looks similar to:

|                   Duplicate Labels                  |
|                                                     |
|  (*) Multiple devices on your system are labelled   |
|                                                     |
|                                       [ Reboot ]    |

In the above ASCII art, (*) represents a symbol that looks like a critical fail icon.

What really confuses me about this dialog is that it doesn’t tell me what label is duplicated. I’m guessing this is some kind of bug because I have two physical disks that are identical in every way, but I’m not sure. I open bug 160622 on Redhat’s Bugzilla, but it got closed telling me that my RAID disks can not be labelled and suggesting that I remove the label. As far as I can tell, I have no labels of any sort, so I think I’m gonna have to reopen this bug. I’ve been poking around on the ‘net trying to find a solution, but having no luck. So for the time being, I’m unable to use Fedora Core 4… unless, of course, I install it on another machine.

UPDATE: 29-Sep-2005 – It’s installed and working!


A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon GasBuddy.com, a site with a bunch of links to other sites that use the same software to track gas prices nationwide. When I clicked on the link for Michigan, I saw listings for Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Detroit but pretty much overlooked the link to MichiganGasPrices.com at the top. I was disappointed that there was no Muskegon listing and actually emailed GasBuddy.com to ask about it. They, very kindly, sent me back a link to the Muskegon section of MichiganGasPrices.com. So now I can track area gas prices, assuming that people in the area help keep it updated… which at least some people do, seeing how there are prices listed. FWIW, my user ID on that site is StarDestroyer.

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