Spammers suck

This is probably just opening myself up to attack by some lame spammer, but so I’ve gotta say it. Spammers suck. If I actually wanted to buy some viagra, what do you think I’d do… visit some random person’s blog and start reading comments about random topics until I found one that contained a link to some online vendor I’ve never heard of or go talk to a Doctor? Apparently there’s a bunch of losers out there that think it’s to former and that they’re doing the world some great service by posting links to their pathetic sites everywhere they possibly can. Do I sound upset? It might have something to do with, yet again, having to waste my time deleting comments that only contain spam links. Sure I can ban that IP address, but more likely than not whoever is the person behind posting these spamlinks is on a dynamic IP address. After all, I don’t think any reputable company would want to piss of a bunch of people by littering their personal blogs with links. Which brings my to another point (I have those?). Why would anybody deal with spammers? Giving them money (even if it’s $.50) just encourages them to continue doing what they’re doing. Besides that, these companies seem to be most bottom feeding pharmaceutical companies selling “male enhancement” drugs. Who would honestly want to by medication from some random company they’ve never heard of? We’re not talking about some cheap “as seen on TV’ do-it-all knife/kitchen sink, we’re talking about medicine; the former is just a waste of money, bad medicine can kill you.

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