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Upcoming Events 0.5

26 September, 2007 (20:36) | upcoming-events | By: Jake

Here we go with the 5th release of the Upcoming Events plugin. Again, I’m sure this won’t solve everybody’s problems with past versions, but it solves a few more than 0.4 did. Fixes in this version include: Allow multiple widgets that can display different feeds Fix a PHP 4 compatibility issue Make the popups with […]

New Feed for Lion’s games

13 September, 2007 (19:53) | Computers, Personal, WordPress | By: Jake

It seems that the feed at ical.mac.com hasn’t been updated yet for this years schedule and one game has already been played (and won by Detroit, I might add!). So I went looking for a new feed provider… and found Yahoo. My Upcoming Events plugin seemed perfectly capable of handling the Yahoo feed. So now, […]

Upcoming Events v0.4

11 September, 2007 (17:11) | upcoming-events | By: Jake

It’s way past time for the 4th release of the Upcoming Events plugin. I’m sure this plugin won’t solve everybody’s problems with version 0.3, but I know it will solve at least a few of them. This is the code that’s been running on my site for the past few months. I apologize for taking […]

Upcoming Events and WordPress 2.1

11 December, 2006 (17:58) | upcoming-events | By: Jake

It looks like WordPress 2.1 is getting closer to being out the door… The WordPress Development blog just made a post to suggest the plugin authors check their code to make sure if it’s naughty or nice. Well, Upcoming Events is somewhere in between. I followed the instructions on WordPress’ site for creating tables in […]

Upcoming Events v0.3

6 December, 2006 (10:41) | upcoming-events | By: Jake

It’s time to make the 3rd release of my Upcoming Events plugin. Updates in this release include: Removed a debugging statement that caused days/weeks to display incorrectly Individual iCal feeds can be immediately updated from the admin page The events list is now valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional The admin page now produces valid XHTML 1.0 […]

Updates to blog

2 December, 2006 (12:48) | Computers, WordPress | By: Jake

Some may have noticed quite a few updates to my blog in the past couple weeks. In addition to my new Upcoming Events plugin, I’ve also put a new theme up. I found this Iowa Winter 1 theme on themes.wordpress.net. One thing I really liked about this site is that you can specify search criteria […]

Upcoming Events v0.2

29 November, 2006 (17:01) | upcoming-events | By: Jake

This second release of the Upcoming Events plugin has a couple of fixes that people asked for after the first release. Now supports being used as a widget. Should now work in PHP 4 (had received only moderate testing). This second bullet point will probably excite more people than the first. I’d much appreciate it […]

Bugzilla Install for Upcoming Events

28 November, 2006 (18:31) | Bugzilla, upcoming-events | By: Jake

I tried living with the trac bug system and it’s just way too limiting. Maybe if you’re the admin it’s configurable enough to live with, but as a normal user I found queries and what-not to be not very robust. So I made a bugzilla install for my projects. Please file bugs here rather than […]

Upcoming Events v0.1

22 November, 2006 (10:35) | upcoming-events | By: Jake

NOTICE: This is the URL specifically for version 0.1 of this plugin. For all posts related to this plugin, please see the upcoming-events category. Some of you may have noticed a new section in my sidebar labeled “Upcoming Events” for the past week or so. Up until today, it said it was “Powered by a […]

Made the Switch

29 July, 2005 (13:08) | Computers, MovableType, WordPress | By: Jake

The SPAM finally got to me. I don’t know if WordPress will be any better at handling SPAM or not, but I can dream :). The design is still very much off the shelf, so I’ll have to play with that in the months to come and, of course, I still have to learn about […]