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Category: MovableType

Made the Switch

29 July, 2005 (13:08) | Computers, MovableType, WordPress | By: Jake

The SPAM finally got to me. I don’t know if WordPress will be any better at handling SPAM or not, but I can dream :). The design is still very much off the shelf, so I’ll have to play with that in the months to come and, of course, I still have to learn about […]

Are Spammers Retarded?

9 March, 2005 (10:12) | Computers, MovableType | By: Jake

It seems that the average spammer must have the IQ of a 1st grader. Nevermind the fact that they constantly are trying to get around people’s spam filters in email, an action that only serves to upset those from whom they want money, I’m not even gonna go there right now. What’s got me upset […]

Problems with Bayesian Comment Filtering

6 January, 2005 (03:17) | Computers, MovableType | By: Jake

As much as it sounded like a good idea, my previous solution to comment spams had a few issues. Well, not so much issues as annoyances. The original author of that plugin posted his list of issues, so I knew about those going in, though I was unconcerned. To me, the biggest issue is simply […]

Bayesian Filtering for Comments

23 December, 2004 (08:07) | Computers, MovableType | By: Jake

Bayesian filtering for MoveableType? I didn’t even know such a thing existed! I found a plugin written by James Seng. At the time, I was actually looking for one of those little images that aren’t OCR readable and the user has to type whatever’s in the image (I’ve since discovered that’s called captcha and is […]

Facelift For My Weblog

21 December, 2004 (07:09) | Computers, MovableType | By: Jake

Minor though it may be, I’ve now given my blog a bit of a face lift. The design itself is still pretty much the default from MoveableType, but I’ve done a little more with colors. I also added a little bit of Mozilla specific CSS. While the page is certainly still functional in Internet Explorer, […]

Rescratching My Own Itch

15 December, 2004 (01:27) | Computers, MovableType | By: Jake

Last July, as in July ’03, I posted about some modifications I made to MoveableType. One thing I had done was a plugin for SETI stats, the other was an actual code modifcation for a “recently archived” sidebar item instead of recently posted. Well, somewhere along the way I seem to have lost that code […]

Closing off Comments

5 November, 2003 (17:41) | MovableType | By: Jake

Well, the spammers have finally done it. I’ve gotten so sick of dealing with spam that I’ve decided to no longer allow comments on my blog. I will slowly but surely remove the ability for older posts to have comments and will not be allowing comments to any new posts. I’m deeply disappointed in having […]

Scratching my own itch

9 July, 2003 (23:18) | Computers, MovableType | By: Jake

Open source software is unique in that if there’s a feature you want added to an application you have everything you need (except maybe the skill) to add it yourself. That probably isn’t news to anybody reading this entry. Of course, “unique” may not be the right word… there are applications that aren’t really open […]