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Category: Deployment

Home at Last

14 February, 2005 (17:12) | Army, Deployment | By: Jake

I’m actually typing this entry using the keyboard attached to my Linux box! After being gone for more than 1 year (w/the exception of two weeks leave last summer), I’m finally back home. Unlike when I came home for leave, I don’t have to worry about squeezing everything I want to do into a two […]

Almost home!

12 February, 2005 (14:19) | Army, Deployment | By: Jake

1 more day to go! That’s right, tomorrow morning we’ll be leaving Ft. Dix, NJ and heading westward. After a breif stop in Indiana, we’ll on our way to Michigan. In about 30 hours or less I should be in my home state! I can hardly wait.

Back in the States

7 February, 2005 (10:52) | Army, Deployment | By: Jake

America, here I am at last. I actually got in a couple days ago (approx. 6am on Saturday), but I just haven’t gotten around to posting that here yet. Out-processing takes about 6 days and we’ll be starting that tomorrow. So, I should be actually home really soon. I’d like get rolling on Bugzilla Documentation […]

Red Cross Drops the Ball

25 January, 2005 (15:37) | Army, Deployment | By: Jake

Recently, my Grandfather passed away. My dad sent a Red Cross notice to me of this event. I received a Red Cross message to this effect roughly 5 hours after my father sent it. My unit told me that they could not send me on emergency leave because the message did not specify that my […]

Kuwait, Here I Am

21 January, 2005 (09:17) | Army, Deployment | By: Jake

Iraq is now just a memory for me. We flew out of Baghdad and into Kuwait the other night. After sitting here for a couple weeks, we’ll be USA bound. About a week in New Jersey, and it’s on to Fort Living Room. This deployment is almost over, yet for some reason it doesn’t really […]

No Job For Jake

17 January, 2005 (12:43) | Army, Deployment | By: Jake

Finally. It seems like it’s been forever, but my replacements are now here and fully trained. So that leaves me in the unemployed category with nothing left to do but pack and get out of here. I can’t say exactly when I’m leaving due to OPSEC, but it is soon. It takes a while to […]

Moving day… yesterday

31 December, 2004 (04:33) | Army, Deployment | By: Jake

Yesterday was quite a hectic day for me. I had to move all my stuff from the room I’ve lived in for the past 9+ months to one down stairs and one tier over. This actually involved getting rid of a bunch of stuff that I’ve collected. Some of it I mailed home (been working […]

Abu Ghraib Gets Some Visitors

19 December, 2004 (06:41) | Army, Deployment | By: Jake

Visitors to Abu Ghraib aren’t really all that rare. I mean, we get visiting Generals and press members so frequently that sometimes you wonder if they’ve ever really even left. What we don’t get often, however, are famous people. Sure, we’ve had Donald Rumsfeld here last May, but it was a visit by an official. […]

New job for Jake

18 December, 2004 (07:42) | Army, Deployment | By: Jake

Ya, that’s right. I’m no longer working in the hospital here. As of about two days ago, I was moved out to the camps. Right now I seem to mostly be seeing the negatives. I’d imagine there are positives, but I’m just not sure what they are. One of the biggest negatives is simple that […]

It’s Alive

8 December, 2004 (08:28) | Army, Computers, Deployment, Star Wars Galaxies | By: Jake

It, in this case, is my Internet connection. I’m happy to report that I didn’t loose anything during my downtime in Galaxies. I guess I didn’t realize that I had paid as much maintenance as I actually had. Lucky me. Actually, the connection came back to life a couple days ago, but I didn’t really […]